Collaborative FAQ

What is collaborative divorce?

Collaborative divorce is a new way for couples to end their marriage. In collaborative, spouses agree up front that they will not use an adversarial court process to resolve their divorce. Instead, each spouse hires a collaborative lawyer and all four participants sign an agreement that puts the focus of the divorce process on resolving all issues outside the courtroom. The parties start on day one with an approach that is solution-focused, practical, and efficient.

Collaborative works on the premise that most couples are in a better position than an unknown Judge to decide how best to re-structure their family’s legal, financial, and emotional relationships.  Collaborative creates an environment where divorcing spouses can address the necessary issues involved in getting a divorce without wasting time and money over needless arguing that so often escalates once the traditional adversarial litigation process begins. The collaborative process is designed to provide a more sensible and humane forum for addressing the difficult issues that necessarily must be resolved when a marriage comes to an end.

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