There is a better way. Collaborative.

Collaborative Divorce is Client Centered
not Court centered.

  • You both decide what’s most important, not a Judge.
  • Your attorneys facilitate your agreement.
  • You and your spouse build a new working relationship, which can serve you both after the divorce – especially important when children are involved.

Collaborative Divorce is generally
faster and as a result often less expensive.

  • Not bogged down by court actions and counter actions.
  • No wasted, high-cost hours drafting court documents.
  • You and your spouse decide the speed of the process.

Collaborative Divorce has experts if needed to help get through the tough stuff. 

  • Financial neutrals to help sort through financial issues.
  • Child specialists to help with parenting issues for your children.
  • Coaches to help you move forward through emotional challenges.
Is Collaborative Divorce right for you? Answer 6 simple self-assessment questions.